Elizabeth Cope

“In painting the struggle is what counts.
There is no resolution; it is an ongoing act.
It’s dispassionate and passionate, emotional yet detached.”

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on show now at the Royal Acedemy Summer Exhibition 2024

18 June – 18 August 2024

Room V | Main Galleries | Burlington House

A Fine Mess, Painting by Elizabeth Cope

Art in Isolation

A lockdown legacy

“Painting in these times, is like screaming into the void. Right now, in this moment it is what I have to contribute.”

– Elizabeth Cope

All inquiries and pricing for the paintings listed please email info@elizabethcope.com or contact us.

Venus Has Left the Building

Oil on canvas cut-out
134cm x 170cm

View of Kennington

Oil on canvas
41cm x 36cm

Geoffrey in the Dining Room

Oil on canvas
51cm x 56cm

Blue Vase with African Birds

Oil on canvas
66cm x 76cm

Tapirs and Crows, Dublin Zoo

Oil on canvas
152cm x 147cm

Somali Women

Oil on canvas
137cm x 167cm

Woman on Verandah, Northern Territory

Oil on canvas
61cm x 76cm

Bedroom in Royal Malewane Park, South Africa

Oil on canvas
56cm x 48cm

Anyone for Tennis? (Menopausal Series)

Oil on canvas
183cm x 152cm

The River Blanco, Texas

Oil on canvas
51cm x 71cm

Nicky Toler Aylward

Oil on board cut-out
56cm x 41cm

View of Aswan, Egypt

Oil on canvas
61cm x 76cm

Rosie in Conservatory with Tap and Geranium

Oil on canvas
168cm x 135cm

Chimpanzee and Human Child Skeletons

Oil on canvas
76cm x 61cm

Sao Paulo Studio, Rua Sao Gall

Oil on canvas
122cm x 183cm

Binoculars, Tape, Sheep’s Skull, Shell and Lobster

Oil on canvas
76cm x 61cm

Cardinal Ó Fiaich

Oil on canvas
183cm x 137cm

Mme Carraud’s House, Gordes, France

Oil on canvas
64cm x 81cm

Gordes, Provence

Oil on canvas
66cm x 81cm

Generaton Gap (Menopausal series)

Oil on canvas
183cm x 244cm

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